Shocking Portraits Of People Who Lost Their Homes To Climate Change

Gideon Mendel’s photo series “Drowning World” is a stark reminder that while many people continue to debate the existence of climate change, some people are already feeling the very real effects of it.

“Drowning World is a visual attempt to capture the magnitude of climate change through portraits of flood survivors taken in deep floodwaters, within the remains of their homes, or in submerged landscapes, in the stillness of once lively environments,” writes the author’s website. “Keeping their composure, the photographed subjects pause in front of Mendel’s camera, casting an unsettling yet engaging gaze.“

The photographer has been on a quest to showcase the devastating effects of climate change for almost a decade now: “The project began in 2007. Since then, I have endeavored to visit flood zones around the world, travelling to Haiti, Pakistan, Australia, Thailand, Nigeria, Germany, Philippines, UK, India, Brazil, Bangladesh and the USA,” explains Gideon.

Maybe it’s time for us to start paying attention too?

More info: gideon mendel

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