Designer Challenges Himself To Create Simple Logos For Words, Every Single Day Of The Year

Daniel Carlmatz is a Stockholm based graphic designer and in 2017 he did a wordplay challenge, his goal was to create typographic logos inspired by commonly used words. Daniel’s work radiates simplicity and proves that design can be inspired by such little things as a letter or an ordinary shape. From a latter ‘j’ in a word ‘jazz’ becoming a saxophone to a latter ‘a’ turning into a small cage in a word ‘birdcage’, Carlmatz proves that you don’t need to look far to find ideas for your work. His successful 365 days challenge is an inspiration to all graphic designers to simplify their work and find inspiration in the smallest details that surround us. Scroll down to see his simple yet impressive work below!

More info: Daniel Carlmatz (h/t Digital Synopsis)


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