Artist Draws Disney Princesses If They Lived In 2017, And The Change Is Incredible

Disney princesses have become an obsession of sorts for many internauts around, so it comes as no surprise that another artist has decided to put her own spin on them. What might be surprising though, is that Fernanda Suarez, a Chilean illustrator behind this project has used a more realistic take, and drew the princesses in a true 2017 fashion.

From stylish attires to trendy hairstyles these princesses have made a leap to the 21st century that rendered some of them almost unrecognizable. And if you can’t see your favorite princess, do not worry, because the project is still going and we heard that Rapunzel and Merida are getting the makeover next.

What do you think about these versions compared to the originals? Shout out in the comments below!

More info: deviantArt, patreon, facebook, instagram, twitter, artStation, tumblr (h/t)

#1 Mulan

#2 Belle

#3 Jasmine

#4 Ariel

#5 Pocahontas

#6 Snow White

#7 Cinderella

Image source: Fernanda Suarez

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