90-Year-Old Czech Grandma Beautifies Her Small Village With Gorgeous Traditional Paintings

We’ve already covered the amazing Polish village where every house is covered with flowers, but now we’ve got you a story that tops even that. Its author is this 90-year-old resident of Louka, Czech Republic, who spends every spring and summer painting the houses of her hometown with delicate blue flower ornaments.

Anežka (Agnes) Kašpárková, a former agricultural worker, was inspired to take on this project by another local woman who had been doing the same for years.

She uses only a single shade of blue and a small brush to create these floral patterns that are inspired by traditional Moravian (southern Czech) artwork. And despite becoming kind of famous locally and nation-wide, she says that she does it only for pleasure: “I am an artist,” she told Czech media. “I just enjoy it and I want to help.”

(h/t: mmm, boredpanda)


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